TYRA is releasing her first Single of her upcoming Album „Redemption“ coming February 10th 2023.

The 26 year old Singer-Songwriter from Luxembourg has been sitting non-stop in the Studio since the end of 2020 throughout the beginning of 2022 together with Producer Ulrich Hilbel and the luxembourgish Producer Tom Gatti, to create all the songs that will be featured on the Album. The songs go through many emotions that have been inspired by a relationship that turned out to be a toxic and shattering battlefield. As Tyra states: „Writing these Songs felt like therapy, to put everything you feel into words and slowly seeing how something beautiful can come out of so much pain. It felt incredibly liberating, that’s why the title „Redemption“ was perfect to find closure.“

The new Single „Underwater“ is all about drowning in all these heavy emotions of grief and helplessness. By holding on to this toxic relationship, it is slowly pulling you down until you hit rockbottom. The luxembourgish artist already has many successes with Top 5 and Top 10 placements in french and english Club Charts, as well as in Germany and Denmark.

Several Number 1 positions in the iTunes Charts of her home country in „Pop“, „Dance“ and „All Genres“, airplay in meanwhile over 15 countries, 6-digit streaming numbers and the first large Spotify playlists („Weekend“, „Discover Weekly“), the first big Apple Music playlist („New In Dance“), ten thousands of views on YouTube and a heavy rotation on the King Channel with her last Single „Dream Girl“.

Tyra proves she’s an ever evolving Artist, always showing more and more of her talent.

Be ready for what’s next, „Redemption“ is near.



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